Toilets – chances are you’ll deal with a slow, clogged, or broken toilet sooner than later. In this class, you’ll learn how to remove and install a toilet, how to fix common problems, and basic maintenance you should DIY to keep your toilet flushing smoothly.  Build your Home Maintenance know-how through our 5-part class series hosted in partnership with Rethos. These are beginner's level classes - no experience necessary! Instructor David Donnelly is a licensed  contractor, Realtor, old home lover, and lifelong Twin Cities Resident.

Venue Details
North East Tool Library; Thorpe Building
1620 Central Ave NE Suite #126, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55413, United States
The Minnesota Tool Library is a membership based non profit which offers members access to tools, workshop space, and community. By sharing access to tools, no one needs to own costly tools for occasional use. With MTL, we all have low-cost access to the tools we need, when we need them. Moreover, we engage the community to expand its collective skill set, helping each other to learn which tools to use for meaningful projects and connect with each other while doing it. Classes are vital to MTL’s mission. They open the doors to all to learn about different tools, how to handle them and empower community members to create projects of their own. You can read more about what we do on our website: